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Project Area




Office Building

Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey


2008 - 2014


60.000 sqm 


Ferko İnşaat


Design Approval

MEPS Coordination

Facade Coordination

Construction Documentation

The project has a history of Foster and Partners İstanbul office, who defined the general mass layout decisions, principle layouts of mechanical areas, principle decisions of pedestrian and vehicle approaches, and facade cladding.

​Design input of kr2b architecture mainly determined the floor layout of the tower, core configuration, ground-level layout planning, and reconfiguration of the facade as per changes are done on plan layouts.

Ferko Signature Office Building is located on the business spine of İstanbul. The 30 story building is located on Büyükdere Street, a main traffic artery along which prominent commercial high rise buildings of Istanbul are gathered .  

Ferko Signature is the first big scale project of kr2b where BIM was used effectively. The building is modeled at LOD 300.

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